Garbage Removal for Seniors

Senior Service: Use our 65 gallon tote;, and we will pick it up from the curb. This is only for homeowners 62 years old or over.

Senior Garage Service: We will pick up bagged items from the front of your garage. Bulky items must be placed curbside.

$26.00 per month offered in monthly, bimonthly, & annual payment options

Bag tag service: (Purple Bags) Low volume service for households with 1-2 bags a month.

Deposit is required for renters please contact office for details

 Sign up for purple bag tag service

Garage Service

We will retrieve your garbage from in front of your garage. This service is only available if you are a senior or disabled with homes with a driveway less than 200 feet. If your driveway is longer then 200 feet please contact us for pricing.